Thursday, 20 August 2015

Solar Power - It's still worth it?

With green options continuing to soar in global popularity, solar panels are still essential for any residential or commercial property. With solar PV panels Sheffield, you can dramatically reduce energy and electricity costs. You can also harness natural solar energy, which can be used to heat your property during those frigid months. Solar energy is both renewable and recyclable. This means you can save year round on soaring energy bills, while securing an environmentally friendly abode. Several home owners associations also offer discounts for owners that install and utilise solar panels. If you want to protect the earth and save money, solar power is still worth it!

Feed in Tariffs
According to Ofgem, tariff brands (50kW in the feed-in tariff – FIT) will digress by 3.5% come January 2015. While this has impacted several home and business owners, there are still several benefits associated with investing in feed in tariff. For one, you can secure free electricity simply by installing solar panels, radiant barriers, and other cost and energy-efficient units. The Feed in Tariff, of course, is a government stipend that allows home and business owners to tap into a wealth of savings by simply going green. These discounts, however, depend on the current market trends and a number of other factors. While these optional feed-in tariff percentages do fluctuate, investing in these tariffs and solar panels still offer timely savings for new and existing property owners.

Solar PV Panels
With solar PV panels Sheffield, you can help keep energy costs low. These panels are also designed to effectively blend in with the d├ęcor of your home and environment. They are also available in several shapes, sizes, and styles for your convenience. Area experts can install these panels in your home, and offer maintenance and repair services as well. While panels help converse vital energy, they also help pocket the heat for distribution in the winter time. This allows your property to be warm and comfortable, while ensuring your home or office is energy compliant across the board. If looking to save money and reap the benefits of free electricity, solar PV panels will truly achieve your desired results.

Energy Efficient Options
In addition to solar panels, there are other energy-efficient units you can install. This includes Voltage Optimisers and Gas Boiler Management Systems  . With solar powered energy options continuing to soar, now is the perfect time to reap the awards of these green units.
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why should I use solar panels?

It’s true that solar panels aren't the only game in town in terms of renewable energy; but what is true is that solar pv panels are the best approach when you consider all of the options.
Here are a few reasons why you should go with solar panels given the choice between them and other environmentally friendly options. 
For example, solar panels have an advantage over wind energy because wind turbines are so huge and because they make so much noise. Since so many people live in more crowded urban areas, this is going to be less than ideal when it comes to  the majority of people around, solar is just going to be better. 
It’s also true that wind energy is only good in areas that are very windy. There are a lot more sunny places around than there are windy places. Buildings tend to cut down on how strong the wind is, whereas you can still have completely open direct lines to the sun from the roof of your house even in urban areas. 
Those who go with wind energy also quickly find out that you have to constantly maintain your wind turbine because of all of the moving parts. Solar energy uses panels that require very little maintenance because they have virtually no moving parts at all. The initial cost of getting a wind turbine can be quite pricey, but solar panels are often subsidized by the U.K. government.
Solar panels are also superior to hydro-power because most wave energy works much better on a huge scale and not on the scale of individuals. That is, a lot of this comes from big dams which aren’t really practical for individuals to create. Dams are also only the kind of thing you can build in certain areas, and they also increase potential risk to the surrounding environment since anything that breaks them can make all of the water rush out. 
You can install solar panels anywhere at all that gets a lot of sun. This is why they have such a large potential benefit to the house or business owner. And even beyond the fact that you can virtually eliminate your electric bills as well as even potentially earn money above and beyond that from giving back to the grid, the panels can also give you personal satisfaction.

After all, you are directly helping to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. To get started with solar panels today, you should visit a site that has them available such as 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Summer is coming - time to get some solar panels!

When it’s really cold all winter, it’s easy to forget that the sun even exists at all. But it does exist, and it’s the greatest source of renewable energy in the cosmos. Additionally, the sun is going to be coming out more and more on a daily basis as the summer approaches.

This means that it’s an excellent time to think about getting some solar panels. There are a number of benefits to installing these on your roof.

For one thing, sunlight is hitting your roof all of the time anyway, and you aren't taking advantage of this fact if you aren't using solar panels. In fact, the sunlight hitting your roof can actually cost you even more money during the summer if you don’t have solar pv panels due to the fact that the energy from the sun will heat up your home a little and you will then have to draw extra energy from the grid in order to cool your house again.

Instead, it makes a lot of sense to go for a bit of an initial investment in some panels in order to reap the benefits in the long run. These benefits are especially pronounced in the UK since the Feed-In Tariff means that you can lock in a good rate for getting money off of your panels.

That’s right, if you create more energy with your panels than you need, it will automatically feed back into the grid, and you’ll be paid for it instead of having to pay anything yourself. The Feed-in tariff in the UK also means that you can ensure a favourable rate for getting paid for the energy that your panels draw in.

The key is to jump in on this while you can before everyone else reaps the benefits before you. It’s also important to find a company that knows what they’re doing regarding experience with solar panels over all.

Every kilowatt that you generate with your panels is one that doesn't have to be generated from fossil fuels. The U.K. is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and you can be a big part of that.

This is why you should visit today to take a look at what getting solar panels would entail. It would be most likely the best decision you've ever made in terms of helping to protect the long-term sustainability of the world while at the same time maximizing how much profit you bring to your own pocket.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Solar Energy by region in Britain

Great Britain is no stranger to environmental changes. In fact, the last 50 years have shown and incredible change in both climate and weather patterns. According to British scientists and meteorologists, the planet is indeed getting warmer. This is evident of polar caps melting in the Antarctic, along with wetlands drying up and spreading inland. While this is certainly a major cause of concern, countless citizens and residents are reaping the awards of solar based and renewable energies. With close to 40% of the population now utilizing solar panels, harnessing energy from the sun and other heat sources continues to soar in national popularity.

Sunlight Exposure

In order to understand the growing trend of alternative and renewable energy options, we must first dissect the regions that receive abundant or little to no sunlight. Based on recent reports, London and the South of England have one main thing in common. This is the lack of sunlight due to constant overcast and precipitation. In fact, London and a number of southern-based cities receive 30-40% less sunshine than other parts of the country. It would seem that Blackpool and other resort areas should receive plenty of sun during the summer or scorching months. While this is true, the area is blanketed by clouds during the autumn, winter, and partial spring months. To effectively combat this problem and pocket the heat for homes and business, many owners have installed solar PV panels.

Renewable Energy

In London, there are now 42% of homes and businesses with solar panels installed. Southampton has about 30%, along with Blackpool at 41%. While these numbers are promising, the hope is that every commercial and residential establishment will tap into these cost and energy efficient savings. With expertly installed panels, your property will remain nice and warm during those frigid months. This is because the panels store solar energy and heat that can be utilized in the upcoming months. Now is simply the time to invest in feedin tariff programs and solar energies.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels allow people to convert sunlight, that is solar energy, into electricity that can then be used to power homes and other things. Here’s a brief explanation for how they work as well as why they are important as a renewable energy source.

Solar PV Panels

What happens is that sunlight comes from the sun, through our atmosphere, and then hits a solar panel. Some of the light hits the panel and is reflected off, but some of it is absorbed by the panel. The cells are made of semiconductors including silicon. The light is absorbed by the semiconducting materials.
When the material absorbs the electrons from the sunlight, electrons in the material are knocked loose and begin flowing, which is what creates an electric flow.  So electrons from the sunlight knock into electrons in the cell and everything begins an electric surge, essentially.
The efficiency of this process is slowly going up and up over the years so that more of the energy from the sunlight can be absorbed by the panel, allowing less of it to be lost.

This process is important because it allows people to get electricity from something that is nearly infinitely renewable like sunlight. Every morning, we get more sunlight from the sun. While this process won’t last absolutely forever, it will likely last for billions of years to come which is pretty much guaranteed to be long enough for us.

This is not the case for many other energy sources like fossil fuels which we use up and then don’t get any more of ever.

It is this function of solar panels that cause governments to create feedin tariff laws. These laws give long term contracts to anyone producing renewable energy such as through solar panels at a high enough rate to be worth it.

Tariffs such as this one also give other financial benefits to renewable energy producers in order to encourage them to keep doing what they do in the long run.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rewable Energy in England does it work? Where can I get help?

Renewable energy refers to energy that you can get from the same source over and over again without using it up.

For example, oil is not a renewable energy source because it’s used up after you use oil to create energy for your house in the form of heat. However, something like solar energy isn’t  used up because the sun keeps producing more and more sunlight for free all the time and you don’t use up sunlight for good once you’ve turned it into energy.

This is why solar panels are becoming more and more popular.

You can use solar PV panels on your house to generate energy from sunlight, in order to make it so that you don’t have to draw energy from the normal grid. This will lower the bill you get for electricity on a month to month basis. If you put up enough solar panels, you can make it so that you don’t have to draw anything from the grid at all, depending on how energy efficient your household is, and depending on how much sunlight that you get.

For example, if you live in an area in England that gets a lot of sunlight, then you can have solar panels that are ideally situated in order to maximize the amount of sunlight that you can draw on with your panels on the top of your house in order to take care of all of your electricity needs.

The initial cost of getting solar panels in England can be offset against the amount of power you save in the long run. Eventually you’ll end up far ahead.

Another thing that helps with this in England is called a feeding tariff. This is also called a standard offer contract. Essentially it means that the government will help you get renewable energy solutions up and running on your house.

They do this because it’s better for the country as a whole. The less the country has to rely on fossil fuels, the better for the economy and for the environment.  This tariff essentially means that energy generated from solar panels is valued more highly than energy generated through other sources in order to reflect the need for renewable energy.

This means that you could even get money back from the government if you generate more electricity than you need, since it would be put back into the grid and then used by other people on the grid as if it had come directly from the government or from the energy producing company responsible for the area.

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Are Solar Panels a Good Investment on an Average House?

What are the benefits of installing solar panels? This is one of the most common questions among homeowners who wish to add value to their homes by looking for new ways of meeting their energy demands.

There are different types of solar panels that can be installed in average house at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons why solar panels are a good investment.

They Reduce Energy Bills

Solar panels are specifically engineered to generate ample electric power from the sun rays. This means that they will reduce your energy bills significantly as you will not have to rely on your power supply company any more unless during winter when most parts of Europe receive little or no sunlight.

They Promote Environmental Wellness

Environment is source of life for both humans and animals and so we cannot afford to degrade it. By installing these panels, you will reduce the amount of natural resources that are used by power generating companies to produce electricity. This will in turn promote sustainable use of the available resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Also, you will be contributing to environmental conservations as this form of renewable energy does not add any pollutants to the environment.

They are Very Affordable

The cost of wiring and connecting electric lines from the main national power grid is unaffordable to most people due to the harsh and unpredictable economy. Luckily, solar panels are very affordable and convenient for all people. During selection process, take time to look at their specific features and price tag to choose one that best fits in your budget. Technologically advanced solar pv panels, for instance, are designed to last for decades and demand very little maintenance practices.

Source of Income

Apart from saving money, you can sell some of the energy to power supply companies. Currently, there are a number of lucrative rewards and grants that you can enjoy by doing this. Bottom line, you will still save and make some extra money to cater for your financial obligations. Additionally, there are insurance companies that offer cheap home insurance policies to clients who decide to go green by installing solar panels.

To derive maximum benefits from them, the panels should be installed by a professional who has the skills and expertise required. For example, they should be placed in part of the roof that receives ample sunlight so as to produce enough energy to power all your electronics.

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